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I was never like the other boys. I remember the first time I decided to swallow cum. I was a teen, a 18 year old boy and had been masturbating and licked my own semen from my fingers. It was the first time I tried to eat my own sperm. It was a whole new experience, and I loved the taste of semen. Boy, I couldn’t stop eating cum after that! Blacks on Boys is the hottest gay interracial porn site on the net!

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I loved to drink cum and began giving gay men blow jobs. I would suck hard dicks where ever I could find them. I sucked the pulsing cocks of anonymous men  in glory holes, gay sex at bus stops, and once, I sucked the cock of a gay police officer in uniform behind the police station, in his cop car. I loved to feeling the hot load of cum streaming into my hungry mouth and watching the spray of semen in my face and eyes. I think I was able to sample cum from gay men in three counties. I definitely wasn't like the other boys. I love getting "gay facials" and "sperm baths".

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Once I gave two men a double blowjob at same time, and they worked as team to make my favorite semen recipe - a sperm cocktail. Yummy.

I started working in an gay picture gallery – and met plenty of many a man with cocks to  suck. I probably ended up eating a gallon of gay man's cum in my first month at the photo gallery.

The picture galleries janitor was a large black man named Leroy about 28 years old. He was always hanging around the back smoking fat, stubby cigars after lunch. Leroy was 6 foot 7 and well muscled.

Sometimes, I thought Leroy was flirting with me. “Well,” he’d say. “See anything you like, boy?”. Then he would chuckle and shake his head. I knew he was a well hung stud. Sometimes I'd see this man grabbing his crotch and I could see the outline of his cock and balls against the thin cloth of his beige uniform.


This time was different. When he asked me if I saw anything I liked, I said “Leroy, I want to suck your black dick. If you want a good blow job, I'm your boy.”

Leroy arched his eyebrows and smirked. “Boy, why do you think I would let you near my big black dick?”. As he said this, he unzipped the fly on his janitorial uniform as pulled out his huge black cock. Leroy’s huge dick dwarfed even the biggest cocks I had ever sucked, and I had sucked cocks of all kinds of men – black cocks, white cocks,Asian cocks and even tranny cocks. I was an interracial cock sucking expert. Even with all this experience, I thought that Leroy had the world's biggest cock.

But every inch of this cock was porn star material. When soft, it was bigger than most cocks were when they were hard. I gulped. I don’t know if it was because I was scared I would choke on this giant cock, or because gallons of semen streaming out of this monster cock and down my throat.

Leroy cradled his cock in his hand. “Are you ready to take on the FIRE HOSE, boy?” he asked his voice forceful and strong.

Leroy always called his black monster cock the “fire hose”. I know it made me hot!

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